April 28, 2004

photo gallery updated!

New photos of little Kate have been added to the gallery, please come and visit Kate's Gallery here. :)

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April 27, 2004

小Kate經典之作,浴中Poo Poo

話說今日婆婆同Mommy Brenda同小Kate沖涼,婆婆負責握實BB對手,等佢無咁驚,正當就黎沖完之際,婆婆話小Kate對手好有力,握得佢好實,說時遲那時快,突然發覺水中多左條黃色物體...屎呀!原來BB在水中Poo Poo,嚇到Mommy當堂唔知點反應.一輪忙亂之後...換水,抹Pat Pat..終於由頭沖過,連工人都話揍BB咁耐,都未試過有咁情況,這真可算是經典之作!!

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April 23, 2004


呢幾日同BB沖涼,發覺佢對腳長左好多,果真有乃母的風範,但希望佢唔好似Mommy咁瘦啦.另外,佢開始唔會係晚黑扭計,但日頭10點開始,至到2,3點都唔肯訓,Mommy Brenda唯有勁眼訓都局住同佢玩,雖然知道細路仔唔好成日抱,但有時想快D令佢訓著,有時都忍唔住要抱住"暗"佢訓,希望唔會寵壞佢啦!

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April 18, 2004

Visit by Bella's family

thanks to uncle ted and auntie stella, little kate has the chance to meet with little bella today!! :)

sleeping little Bella & little Kate
Auntie Stella, Baby Bella and Brenda
Uncle Ted, Auntie Stella and little Kate
The mummies and swapped babies! :)
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April 16, 2004


Mommy Brenda今日同BB換片時,發覺BB的臍帶已脫落,為左留為紀念,仲珍而重之噤放左落保鮮袋 :P

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April 13, 2004

增磅成功! 突破七磅!

After spending most of her time eating and sleeping, little Kate managed to gain significant weight. We went to the doctor for a regular check-up today and everything is fine and good and the good news is - little Kate now weighs 3.2 kg which is a little over 7 lbs! we are so happy about this as she is picking up her weight pretty fast although born relatively light.

another thing worth mentioning is the "red-dots" appeared on her little face after a visit by close relatives a few days ago. according to the doctor, contact with too many people would produce kinda allergic effect on baby's skin....mommy brenda always stares at her face and look so worried. :P

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April 11, 2004

Bath without tears!

We're so happy today that little Kate didn't cry out loud during her daily bathing clean-up! Little Kate has been well-known in the hospital during her stay that she would cry out EVERYTIME someone undress her or put her into a bath sink. we finally managed to treat her gently without her dropping a tear during the bath. that's an achievement for the both of us as new parents - so many stuffs ahead to learn though. :)

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April 10, 2004

Kate's gallery updated!

We just have the time to update baby Kate's gallery today, the photos taken since her birth have been added to the gallery section. it's right here or simply click though the top left hand picture of little Kate! :)

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April 01, 2004

how cute you are little Kate!

Little Kate's first "out of body" encounter with her dearest mother! :)

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